We understand real beauty in cabinetry is not only about the way it looks, but also about the way it lasts. All our cabinet suppliers, Waypoint Living Spaces and local cabinet makers, are built to last. Steps are taken throughout the manufacturing process to ensure American pride and craftsmanship shines through the finest materials available.

ML Design prides itself in offering cabinetry that’s beautiful and durable to meet your family’s unique needs. We regularly work with a small group of contractors that provide professional installations that will you leave you happy & fulfilled. You deserve a better cabinet buying experience.

Timeless Beauty Gold Ridge Cabinets

The look and feeling of this living space calls upon traditional styling and craftsmanship. It’s warm, inviting tones help to give this kitchen a well traveled and lived in feel.

Currently Cool Bathroom Cabinets

The absolute latest looks set this living space’s style apart. Slab doors with black granite tops ensure clean lines—and stainless hardware complements it all. Have your friends them over to sample your famous tilapia tacos.

Evolved Elegance Kitchen Cabinets

A combination of yesterday’s style and today’s innovations. This kitchen takes an interpretation of traditional design and combines it with modern colors, materials and appliances. Sleek, clean but still warm with the brass tones.

Fresh Character Cabinets Sacramento

Picture a painting of a charming 18th century farmhouse in a completely contemporary frame. Similar hues harmonized to create a relaxing atmosphere—while modern accents place it firmly in today.

Understated Sophistication Waypoint Cabinets

A beautiful blend of unadorned lines, handiwork and natural materials harkens back to when life was the essence of simplicity, yet is totally modern. The blend is as functional as it is irresistible. Linger in front of the fire with a light supper and lose yourself in the space you love.

Refreshingly Relaxed Kitchen Remodel Style

Beadboard panels stir memories of long sunny days at the shore. Modern details, open shelving with splashes of faded aqua, sea foam and white soothe the soul. Close your eyes. You’re in Santa Barbara. Feel the sand between your toes. 

Sleek and Chic Kitchen cabinet style

A space with clean lines and an attitude that’s current and fun. Whether done with dark or light cabinetry, it’s the details that make the difference. Modern furnishings accented with bowls of fruit and colorful plants are known to make smoothies and Chai tea irresistible.

Colorful Allure Kitchen cabinets

Arched doorways, textured walls, hints of the Mediterranean. This living space can be achieved in lighter or darker finishes to meet the subtleties of one’s taste. Will you finish it with touches from Greece? Italy? Or how about a couple of treasures from that funky little shop in San Francisco?