kitchen remodeling sacramento gold ridge cabinetsKitchen Remodeling Sacramento Gold Ridge Cabinets

There’s no other renovation in the home has more benefits in such a major way as a kitchen renovation. A kitchen remodel can be the end-result of someone’s dream – it is a completely serviceable work area that improves the storage, productivity and, ultimately, the enjoyment of food preparation. Also, statistics have shown that every dollar invested in kitchen remodeling gets back about two dollars on a resale of the home. Kitchen remodeling then, is an investment.

Building space for an assortment of functions is what kitchen renovations are also about. As kitchens seem to be the nerve center of a home, some have a specific area dedicated to things like bookkeeping and recipe books. Also, storage has taken a step back to the early part of the twentieth century with the reestablishment of large pantries. Many times these areas are built in a corner to fill mostly-unused space.  They may also have the ability for multiple shelves and even walk in capability.  To find a wide range of styles and colors of cabinets for kitchen remodeling Sacramento Gold Ridge Cabinets is an excellent place to shop.

Cabinets are available in more elegant styling suggestive of European-style furniture.  Also, the island can be in a dissimilar style than the main cabinets. Recent advances in cabinet construction have brought the price down for upscale styles with wood still preferred for cupboard doors.

Kitchen countertops have seen the highest increase in styles and materials.  Formica is still popular, but stone has become the new standard from the uber-popular granite to exotic marble. Wood is always around and is making a comeback as exotic species enter the kitchen. These exotic woods can be used for either full coverage of the cabinets or in other areas, such as the tops of islands. Apron sinks are also making an appearance in today’s kitchens, and can be made from porcelain-clad steel or sealed hardwood.

Appliances have also come a long way in design. Refrigerators and freezers are being hidden in drawers or covered with panels of the same materials as the cabinet doors. The capacity of these appliances has become enormous. Homeowners do not have to rely on an additional freezer or extra refrigerator in the garage or basement. Gas ranges are bigger and more commercial-looking.

If you are planning on kitchen remodeling Sacramento Gold Ridge Cabinets is the first place to go